Why is a properly address structure so important?

Can you see your house number clearly displayed on the home from the street?  If not, responders may have difficulty locating your address.

Fires can get out of control in a matter of seconds.  Medical emergencies can worsen in a heartbeat.  Law Enforcement emergencies can escalate in the blink of an eye.  A few minutes spend searching for the location of your emergency can make a difference the outcome!

Postal addresses on mailboxes aren’t enough.  Sometimes postal addresses differ from 911 addresses.  Mailboxes may be on the opposite side of the street from the home.  Either situation can cause confusion for the responders and delay the arrival of help when you need it most!

For an emergency vehicle traveling to a rural emergency, the challenge of traffic and distance poses enough problems.    A correctly addressed structure can shorten the response time….maybe saving a life!

If you’re not certain of  your 911 address, contact our administrative office today!  Take a look at the ordinance information below to ensure that your structure is in compliance.

Let’s take a look at the ordinance  you need to be aware of when addressing your home or other structure in Webster Parish.

Sec. 10-1. – Minimum size of numbers on rural mailboxes; minimum size of numbers on rural houses; location thereof; penalty for violations.

  • Numbers on rural mailboxes shall be not less than three (3) inches high. Numbers on rural houses (structures) shall not be less than four (4) inches high but preferably six (6) inches in height.
  • Any structure with the numbers on it shall be not more than sixty (60) feet from the curb or ditch line and the numbers shall be unobstructed and readable from the road.
  • Any structure more than sixty (60) feet from a road or ditch shall have the numbers on a yard maker or pylon directly in front of the house or at the edge of the drive leading directly to the structure. The numbering device shall have numbers at least four (4) inches high and not more than ten (10) feet back from the ditch or curb line.
  • Numbers on a rural mailbox which sits directly in front of a structure on the same side of the road shall be sufficient.
  • If the mailbox is on the other side of the road and not fronting the structure, a yard marker and/or pylon with not less than four (4) inch numbers shall be placed within ten (10) feet of the curb or ditch line in front of the structure. If said structure is less than sixty (60) feet from the curb or ditch line the numbers may be applied as stated in (b) above.
  • An unobstructed view means no blockage of the view of the numbers from the road by limbs, bushes or any other physical obstructions or by any other structures.
  • All numbers shall be made of a light reflective substance or have the capability to reflect light and they shall not be the same color as the background to which they are fixed.
  • All numbers shall be arabic and shall be easily readable by emergency responders. Fancy scroll or spelled out numbers shall not be permitted unless accompanied by a set of numbers easily readable as prescribed herein.
  • Whoever fails to comply with provisions of this section shall first be warned in writing by the Webster Parish Police Jury or any parish agency on behalf of the Webster Parish Police Jury and the violator shall be given thirty (30) days thereafter to comply with the requirements of this section.
  • Whoever continues to violate any of the provisions of this section after the notice and thirty (30) day compliance period shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00) or by not more than three (3) days in jail, or both.

(Ord. No. 908, 7-7-98)