The Webster Parish Communications District oversees the assignment and maintenance of E-911 physical addresses for all structures located throughout Webster Parish. In order to obtain an address for a new structure, please complete the form below.  You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

Please be prepared to identify the exact location of your structure either via latitude/longitude coordinates or by plotting the exact location on an aerial map. Also, if you can provide the physical addresses of the neighbors on both sides of the structure, we can expedite the process.

In most cases, address assignment can be completed within a short time (same day).  Some situations could require from from three (3) to five (5) days to complete depending on the quality of information provided by the applicant.

The Communications District understands the importance of efficient address assignment, and we strive to complete this process as quickly as possible while ensuring our address database maintains a high level of accuracy and integrity.

Once a physical E-911 address is assigned, building permits can be obtained from the Webster Parish Police Jury located in the Webster Parish Courthouse Annex Building.

To request a new address, click <here> , or contact our office.

If you need assistance, need to confirm an existing address or have general questions you may call our office (318) 377-9911 during normal business hours.